Cleng Peerson Legacy Conference


The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C. is instrumental in planning and funding of the conference. This landmark meeting is due to the efforts of The Honorable Tora Aasland, former Minister of Research in the Norwegian Government, and former County Governor in Rogaland County, Norway. Professor Gunnar Nerheim, University of Stavanger, is in charge of academic content.

The Cleng Peerson Research Library of The Bosque Museum is organizing local aspects of the conference under the direction of George Larson, Ph.D. One of the primary goals of The Library has been to preserve and further develop the Norwegian cultural legacy in Bosque County in the spirit of Cleng Peerson. It is also an important goal to work diligently to strengthen the cultural and social relations between Norway and Texas today.

For more information and registration, check out the website for the Cleng Peerson Legacy Conference: