Viking FAQ

1. Who are the Vikings?
Dallas Chapter of the Norwegian Society of Texas

2. What are their goals?
Bring the Norwegian community in Dallas together to preserve and promote our Norwegian heritage, learn about the history, culture and the immigrants of Norway.

3. How often do they meet?
Monthly business meeting with social hour and short program

4. Where and when do you meet?
First Sunday of the month – 5:30 pm, St. Luke’s Church, 1210 West Belt Line Road in Richardson.

5. Other activities?
We celebrate Juletrefest (Christmas) with Norwegian food, Syttende Mai (17th of May) with parade, hotdogs and ice cream; Sankthansaften (Midsummer’s Eve) with song, dance, food and Leiv Eiriksson Day (around October 9) with a banquet, and participate in the State Fair Parade with our Viking Ship, etc. in October.

6. How can I take part in these activities?
Simply by attending or volunteering.

7. Who can join?
Any person of good character interested in the objectives of the Society and having direct or indirect ties to Norway. Anyone taking a liking to a Viking. (No, you don’t have to speak Norwegian).

8. What does it cost?
$30.00 per family per year or $20 for an individual.

9. How do I join?
Fill out an application and pay your fee.