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The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a State governing body known as the ALTHING which shall contain an Executive Committee. The Society shall be organized geographically as Local Chapters. The name Althing is based on the governing body during the Norse era.

Althing Officers (Elected)

President – Mark Varhaug (Viking)

Vice President – Erik Fossum (Hovedstad)

Treasurer – Wayne Olson (Midnattsolen)

Financial Secretary – Lynn Countney (Midnattsolen)

Secretary – Mike Whitehead (Viking)

Althing Officers (Appointed)


Legal Advisor – Jim Johnson (Troll Hjem)


Past Presidents

Carl W.W. Sorenson (1975-1976)

Gunnar Engen (1977-1978)

Charles Rosendahl (1979-1980)

Johannes Grande (1981)

Harlan Hanson (1982-May 1983)

Adele Drew (May 1983 – Dec 1983)

Wayne Rohne (1984-1985)

Lucile “Terri” Rudolph (1986-1987)

Alfhild Akelson (1988-1990)

Betty Wilkin (1991-1992)

Michael Remme (1993-1994)

Ken Sanderson (1995)

Archie Nelson (1996)

Donald E. Rudolph (1997-1998)

Lila Grossinger (1999-2000)

James Mortensen (2001-2003)

Geneva Finstad (2004-2005)

Gunnar Engen (2006-2008)

Kay Knutsen (2009-2010)

Mari-Anne Moore (2011-2014)

Dave Olson (2015-2018)

Honorary Members

Gunnar Engen (Viking)
Anna Getzoff (Midnattsolen) 
Gwen Oller (Midnattsolen) 
Wayne Rohne (Midnattsolen)