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Viking History & More

Appreciating the Norwegian Constitution of AD1814
A paper that was presented at the Midnattsolen chapter 17 Mai celebration 17 May 2014.

Gudrid Thorbjornsdottir
Gudrid Thorbjornsdottir was the first european mother to give birth on American soil.

The Viking “Air Force”
How Norway’s King Harald Copied Russia’s Queen Olga… Historically, the Vikings prided themselves on their shrewdness and wisdom, perhaps moreso than on physical power and ferocity.

Book Review: Little House on the Fjord
The author, Astrid Karlsen Scott, has made a name for herself (for many years now) within the greater Norwegian heritage community. This charming, readable, and hard-to-put-down book, however, is an all – ages – friendly autobiography – of a lovable 10-year-old child’s family life, with gently drawn illustrations (and a family photo), to aid the reader’s imagination.

King Harald Hardrada’s Family Tree
Impact of Norway’s King Harald Hardrada on the British Isles.

VikingDescendants Providential-Miracle
For Viking Descendants, it’s a Providential Miracle we were ever Procreated, considering the High-Risk Lifestyles of our Viking Forefathers and Foremothersan. This is an article with some Viking history that includes Aud Ketilsdottir (a native Norwegian who ended up, eventually, in Iceland).

How has the reburial of Viking King Harald Bluetooth’s Father provided an inerrantist solution to Ab
An odd study that shows how Danish-Norway’s Viking king Harald Bluetooth (for whom Bluetooth Communications is named) reburied his father (Gorm the Old), paralleling similar behavior by the Biblical patriarch Abraham.

Providential Food
As Acts 14:17 indicates, God’s providential provision of food is a proof of His caring Creatorship. Food shows God’s goodness. Food is itself proof of God’s existence and that He is good to mankind. This is an article on Potatoes, Lingonberries, and More.

Baltic Heritage Review – Heritage Highlights “Norway”
This is a special issue on Norway, published by the Scandian Heritage Society.

King Olaf Tryggvason
Norway’s Viking king, bold in might, to enforce the right. Norway’s Olaf Tryggvason shared Christianity with Leif Eiriksson.

Somerled Family History
DNA says Manx King, Somerled, the Celebrated Founding Father of Scottish Clans, had a “Norse” Patrilinear Ancestry!

Viking History George Washington ancestry AD2012
Vikings Helped to Found the USA, Providentially Speaking, by George!

Viking History King James ancestry AD2012
To Globally Sow His Word,  Did God Use Vikings?

Aud to King James AD2012-ICR
Handouts about the two Viking battles in AD1066 that involved the ancestries of George Washington and King James, by Dr. James J. S. Johnson

How was Aud’s flight north a “domino”, that helped to show Leif Eiriksson’s character?

A few of Norway's cultural Symbols, by Dr. James J. S. Johnson

King Olaf Tryggvason

From Tragedies to Triumphs. Olaf Tryggvason, overcoming tragedies with triumphs, packed more adventure in 37 years1 than most people would try for in a lifetime of double those years.

What’s the proper balance of “might” and “right”? This Viking era controversy is pictured in a famous conversation, shown at left (wood carving by Tore Mørk), and by many other chapters in Olaf’s adventure filled life. With whom did Olaf speak, in A.D. 988, and how did that discussion affect western Europe? (That historic conversation will be described later, in its chronological context, after our main character is properly introduced; then its historical impact will be noted).

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GO WEST, YOUNG NORSEMAN, Presented, Norwegian Society of Texas, Midnattsolen chapter (Arlington), May 18th AD2024.  James J. S. Johnson