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 NST offers Academic scholarships yearly to members and youth of the members.  The Scholarship Fund was established in March 1982

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The Norwegian Society of Texas (NST) Scholarship Program provides financial assistance with focus on increasing membership, promoting member activity and loyalty, and developing future NST leaders.

These scholarships are made possible by donations received from members of the Norwegian Society of Texas who believe that supporting education is another way to promote our Norwegian heritage.

In 2024, NST offers three named academic scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000. The scholarships are:

  • Harlan Hanson Memorial Scholarship, for incoming freshman students (1)
  • King Olav V Scholarship, for continuing education students (2)
  • James K. P. Mortensen Memorial Scholarship, for post-grad students (3)
  1. In reference to the Harlan Hanson scholarship, “incoming freshman” shall be defined as a first-year student enrolled at a college, university, technical, or vocational school. For applicants enrolled in technical or vocational schools, please provide information about your study program so that the Committee can verify your eligibility.
  2. In reference to the King Olav V scholarship, “continuing education” student shall be defined as second-, third-, or fourth-year students enrolled at a college or university. For students attending a technical or vocational school, please provide information about your program so that the Committee can verify your eligibility. This scholarship is not intended for students enrolled in non-credit or “hobby” courses.
  3. In reference to the James K. P. Mortensen scholarship, “post-grad” student is defined as a student pursuing an advanced degree (Masters or PhD), enrolled at a college or university. Please provide information about your study program so that the Committee can verify your eligibility.

Application Deadline.



All application materials must be submitted to the NST website Scholarship page by 11:59:59 PM on April 30, 2024. Application materials received after that time will not be considered.

The Society expects that scholarship recipients will promote Norwegian culture and heritage within their own communities by, among other things, participating in Society activities, and using their talents to advance NST for future generations.

The Committee intends to award each of the scholarships this year. If there is no qualified applicant for one of these scholarships, the Committee, at its sole discretion, may award a scholarship to any other applicant deemed qualified by the Committee.

Qualified scholarship applicants shall be members of the Society as membership is defined in the Bylaws of The Norwegian Society of Texas (web address). Applicants may be chapter members or related to members. While not a prerequisite, applicants are encouraged to become individual members of NST as an indication of commitment to their chapter and the Society.

To qualify for consideration, you must complete the Application Form (below), answering all the questions, and providing the required transcripts, letters of reference, and other requested information, by the Application Deadline.

Applicants must be attending, or accepted to, a college, university, technical, or vocational school as a full-time student. Applicants must provide a letter of acceptance or other proof of continuation. Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for another scholarship.

The Committee may contact applicants for further information about their application. Please contact the committee with questions regarding the application process or for clarification on any portions of the application (email

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